Generating API Key

Developers who intend to integrate their app to Plantronics Open Data Access APIs have to get assigned API keys for accessing different products APIs. The Plantronics developer portal allows developers to register themselves. API keys allow applications to be authorized by the Plantronics Cloud Platform themselves to specific products they are interested in integrating with.   
  1. After creating your account, you will receive a validation email that will grant you permission to creating your API keys.
  2. Sign in to your account to add a new key.


Ingesting & Consuming Streaming Data

Generating Streaming Data

The generation and retrieval of streaming data is not available via the Sandbox.  To generate and test streaming data, you must have your own Plantronics Manager Pro developer tenant. 

Installing Plantronics Hub

To generate streaming data, you must generate a custom Plantronics Hub installer from within your Plantronics Manager Pro environment.   


Identifying the Tenant API Code and Regional API Host URLs

The Tenant API Code is the unique identifier that will allow you to request access to the correct tenant.

Depending on your goals, you may begin by working with the Sandbox Tenant (with Tenant API Code embedded) as you experiment with our APIs to see how sample data works with your code. If you are working with a specific customer (or developing for internal use) and would like to connect to real customer data from Plantronics Manager Pro, you will need to request and receive authentication to use this identifier.

Sandbox Tenant API Code


Registering your App

A partner developer intending to test their app’s integration with PM Pro’s Open data access APIs  or demo it to a customer in production, needs to work through a sequence of API workflow steps to get the app  authorized by a PM Pro admin. This is a one time sequence for each app and for each tenant that the app is integrating with:



HubRESTSample – a new C++ REST API Sample for PDC

This new sample code illustrates seamless consumption of Plantronics out-of-proc REST API from C++ code!

Location of full sample code: https://github.com/pltdev/pdc/tree/master/C%2B%2B%20REST%20Sample

Key Benefits

  1. Supports Plantronics Manager Pro configuration
    • Works with Plantronics Hub via “out-of-proc” REST API
  2. Supports multi-softphone & multi-device configurations


Advanced SDK Topic: Ensuring Resilience with Plantronics COM API

Author: Lewis Collins, Plantronics

When using the Plantronics COM API how do you ensure the connection to the Plantronics Hub software is working?
  • What if the user accidentally shuts down Plantronics Hub (or it crashes), or user upgrades it which would also result in it shutting down and starting again. Would your software re-connect to the COM API automatically?
  • What if Plantronics Hub is not installed, will your software still attempt to connect to it, resulting in long COM timeout? (Will this timeout impact your applications performance)?


So what is Plantronics Hub and why should I care about it for my application?

Author: Roger Ogborne, Plantronics

Plantronics Hub is a client based application that provides the end user with the ability to customize and get the most out of their headset – so what??.  The real power comes when Plantronics Hub is used in conjunction with Plantronics Manager Pro an all in one headset management tool. Now your end customer’s IT team, or even their service partner has the ability to manage the headset estate remotely.  Which let’s face it, is an important part in delivering a great experience of your product to your customers.