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CallStateChanged Behavior
Hi all, I'm building my own module to integrate a softphone using the Plantronics SDK (COM Service .NET Interop API). In my code, I have registered a new application with a specific name. I also registered my application to many events and among other this one: sessionManagerEvents.CallStateChanged += SessionManagerEvents_CallStateChanged; When I start running my application, I press on the headset buttons and I start receiving events in my EventHandler but I'm only receiving events for the CallSource Microsoft OC/Lync and none for my applications. Is it normal? I should receive events for my application no? Thanks for helping. Kind regards, SbY  

Hi SbY,
You're definitely going down the right path. You won't see any callstatechanged events for your application until you tell Plantronics about your calls first.
You do this using the IncomingCall/OutgoingCall/CallAnswered functions.
For an example cut and paste the C# code from this page: http://developer.plantronics.com/article/softphone-integration-code-samples
It is a command line example application that illustrates all the functions and events you need for basic call control.
Let me know if that works.

Hi Lewis, Indeed, I got the event for my application now. Thanks for your help. Kind regards, SbY

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