• Plantronics SDK Archived Versions

    Latest SDK Version:  Windows & Mac SDKs - Plantronics SDK   Windows & Mac Hub Clients - Plantronics | Support | Downloads & Apps     Archived SDK Versions:  v3.5 (3.5.51033.17958...
    Lewis Collins
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  • Plantronics version upgrade

    Hi There,   We are giving Plantronics support to one of our product.         Currently we are using Interop.Plantronics.dll  v2.0.50727 and SpokesWappdrs v 1.0.24b and on the basis of t...
    Tribhuwan Gautam
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  • "Hello World!" Spokes JavaScript API sample

    A “Hello World” simplified sample code for the Spokes JavaScript API   The “helloworld.html” sample connects to Spokes and a Plantronics device (note Spokes only supports 1 Plantronics de...
    Lewis Collins
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  • Audio to Earpiece

    Hi,   At my company we've implemented a digital UHF radio system that ties into third party software, this software will allow us to use a push to talk feature with a microphone so we can talk to other users of ...
    Steven Taverniti
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  • So you wanna hack something with Plantronics support?

    Are you looking to add Plantronics device support to your hack project? Well, here are some tips and reasons to choose a Plantronics device as your audio endpoint:   Plantronics headsets deliver high quality au...
    Lewis Collins
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  • MDA200 button events

    Hi,   i should implement the MDA200 features in a custom Windows application using the Native Interface of SDK 3.5.   When the MDA200 alone is connected to the host computer, i can get its iDevice interfac...
    Alessandro Kraus
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  • setActiveLink returning DM_RESULT_NOT_SUPPORTED

    It seems that on occasion the IDeviceListeners setActiveLink will return error code 5, DM_RESULT_NOT_SUPPORTED. Is there any information on the possible causes and solutions to this or any troubleshooting I can do? &n...
    John W
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  • Spokes Rest API Services on HTTPS

    I am running Spokes Rest API service on my local computer. Everything is working fine.   Is is possible to change the service to run on https, instead of http?   Thanks Les
    Les Chan
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  • Voyager Legend

    Firmware version 106   Hey guys! I am an engineer to repair digital technology. I know the cause of many problems with the latest firmware for the Voyager Legend. version 106. Someone made a very sensitive senso...
    Евгений Ли
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  • Making a SAVI 700 send a return/enter to PC

    Hi   Very new to all this.   We have a client that needs to answer a call when not at their desk on a PC based application (MItel Business Console).  The trouble being that you answer the call on the ...
    Mark Odams
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  • Changing button function

    Hey guys   I am a bit lost with the spokes sdk. I was asked to program basic functions for the buttons on the headsets. For example if I press the call button ... open an excel in windows and things like that. ...
    Nor R
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  • Blackwire 710 sending two Mute events for each single pressing?

    For Plantronics Blackwire 710 device, we receive 2 mute events for each single press on the Mute button. Have you seen this before? In our code, for each mute button event, we toggle the mute state on the device. So 2...
    Kenny B
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  • How to integrate the wireless devices with a base?

    Hi All,   I work on some of the wireless devices with a base for our softphone product. These devices include the models such as Savi W730 or Savi Office WO100. We use the Spokes v2.8 COM library.   Genera...
    Kenny B
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  • Unable to get Headset Sensor Events on Android

    I'm following  this post trying to receive sensor events on Android:   Plugging Into Plantronics Headset Sensor Events via Android   I'm running on Samsung Galaxy S4 (Android Version 4.4.2). I am able t...
    Raj Sanghvi
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  • REST SDK on-call digit events

    We've implemented the Plantronics REST SDK in our HTML5 app, however we've found a major blocking issue missing in the API. Currently when an active call is in progress, the Hub SDK does not report when digits are pre...
    Bryan Dingwall
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  • Your Plantronics Headset is WebRTC-READY

    WebRTC makes for better and more effortless communication, but there are a few considerations to ensure optimal experience with your WebRTC-Ready Plantronics headset. Instead of relying on Adobe Flash to compress and ...
    Michael Holmlund
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  • Plantronics SDK version 3.4 is now live!

    The Spokes 3.4 SDK is now live and available for download here Plantronics SDK (Registration required).   Are you looking for ways to make your contact center run better? The Plantronics 3.4 SDK now provides acc...
    Cheri Ortega
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  • Confused - Control Panel etc

    Hey Guys   My customer has been using the Softphone integration with Spokes for a while now, thank you so much for all the help previously.   I having to return to the development because of some issues wi...
    Rob Den Boer
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  • EZ Demo v1.1.0.9.zip

    *This version is for Plantronics Hub 3.4+!*     /******* * * Spokes Easy Demo * * A demo app that shows use of SpokesWrapper.cs to make it easier to integrate any apps with Plantronics devices. * * T...
    Lewis Collins
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  • Intro to REST Softphone using PLT SDK.docx

    Intro to REST Softphone using PLT SDK.docx This accompanies the updated REST integration sample Thanks to drosener!
    Lewis Collins
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