• How can I use the PTT button of HW261N & shs2371

    Hi ,I buy the HW261N -DC Plantronics | HW261N-DC   and the shs2371 (usb Push to talk Adaptor). Plantronics | SHS 2371   And I wnat to get the PTT_Pushed and PTT_Poped event in my  c# code.   B...
    Chun-Yang Huang
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  • Wireless PTT modification

    Hi   We are a UC developper (www.iptrade-command.com) of dispatching consoles.  We have developped a hardware device that allows to modify the push-to-talk functionning of a Plantronics wireless headset.&nb...
    Benoit Dewonck
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  • iOS SDK

    Hi, I was recently at the AT&T home and car hackathon and saw you had the iOS SDK, I was unable to spend time on the Plantronics device, but I have a great idea and need a copy of the iOS SDK and examples.   ...
    Nick Lupien
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  • iOS & Android Framework

    Hey,   We got selected for the next round and we are really excited to build something for this concept , both in iOS and Android. I have searched your site but could not find a good start point. Are there any a...
    Raj Sanghvi
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  • AT&T Developer Summit 2015 – Here We Go Again!

    It’s almost 2015 and that means only one thing around PLT Labs… we’re in full-on prep mode for the upcoming AT&T Developer Summit and hackathon coming up January 3-6! https://devsummit.att.com/ ...
    Cary Bran
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  • ATT-Bootstrap-12-2014-v4.pptx

    Wearable Concept 1: Overview for AT&T Bootstrap Dec. 2014
    Michael Holmlund
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  • Updating Email Preferences

    Users can update their email preferences by logging in and selecting the drop-down arrow next to their name in the upper-right corner of the Plantronics Developer Connection site and selecting Preferences. The screens...
    Brad Warren
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  • Confused - Control Panel etc

    Hey Guys   My customer has been using the Softphone integration with Spokes for a while now, thank you so much for all the help previously.   I having to return to the development because of some issues wi...
    Rob Den Boer
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  • Spokes Easy Demo for Spokes 3.0 - source code.zip

    *This version for Spokes 3.0!*   *UPDATE* 16th Dec 2014: THIS application is now stored in the pltdev Github: click here:pltdev/Samples · GitHub Download the ZIP of the whole Samples repo, then open th...
    Lewis Collins
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  • Integrating Plantronics Call Control with WebRTC

    One of the big things that I think will radically transform the communications industry is an emerging technology called WebRTC.  In a nutshell WebRTC will provide web browser vendors standards-based signaling pr...
    Cary Bran
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  • Plantronics to Firebase integration sample - JavaScript

    Kickin it hear at the Launch Hackathon! (http://www.facebook.com/Hackathonio)!!!   Created a demo integration between Plantronics headset with wearing sensor events and our nearest neighbour at the event: Fireb...
    Lewis Collins
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  • Which Plantronics headsets can developers create apps for?

    The mission here at the Plantronics Developer Connection is to help developers build headset apps that run on Plantronics headsets.   The next question is always “Well, which Plantronics headsets are we ta...
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  • Accessing USB devices via HID

    I briefly covered some USB and HID features related to Plantronics devices in my previous post and now I'd like to actually show you some code on how to do it, not only to Plantronics devices, but to theoretically any...
    Ricardo de Andrade
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  • Dictating Text Messages with Plantronics and Twilio

    Why you don’t need a cell phone to send text messages I am a complete text message addict.  There, I said it… I like to text my family and friends about all sorts of things that don’t need a...
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  • It's finally here! Spokes Wrapper C++ for Plantronics SDK v3.x!!! - "Easy" softphone integration

    Greetings developers!   It's been a long time coming, but is now available - the "Spokes Wrapper C++ API" for Plantronics SDK v3.x!   The Spokes Wrapper C++ makes it easy to integrate to Plantronics heads...
    Lewis Collins
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  • Intro to REST Softphone using PLT SDK.docx

    Intro to REST Softphone using PLT SDK.docx This accompanies the updated REST integration sample Thanks to drosener!
    Lewis Collins
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  • Using Button events

    Hi,    I've been using the button XEvents on the Legend with an Android application (voip based push to talk).  The goal is to trigger events in the application when the user presses the Hook button (...
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  • Does the SDK support the M165 Marque 2?

    I can't find mention of the Marque but I don't know if it is covered under some broader headset category. Thanks, Tim
    Tim Lawless
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  • Simple C++ console projects that outputs what button is pressed

    Hi,   I am new here and I was wondering on how to create a simple basic C++ project that should output whatever button is pressed. Say if I press 1 the console should show the 1 string etc.   I downloaded...
    Amin Ziarkash
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  • Plantronics SDK Archived Versions

    Latest SDK Version:  Windows & Mac SDKs - Plantronics SDK   Windows & Mac Hub Clients - Plantronics | Support | Downloads & Apps     Archived SDK Versions:  v3.1: Windows SDK - P...
    Lewis Collins
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