• Event Capturing on Mac

    Hi, I downloaded and successfully ran the SpokesNativeSample and can from xcode turn mute on and off, initiate calls etc. -- So I think I'm in good shape with the SDK.   I downloaded and ran the SensorNativeDemo ...
    Richard Hall
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  • Why Windows Media Player

    What api functionality is Windows Media player used for? Here is a problem we are experiencing. When a call arrives it should ring to the desktop. When the call is answered it should now work through the plantronics h...
    pete Lafond
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  • rest api documentation in 3.0 SDK

    The documentation for the REST api just says this, is there an updated version of the docs?   6: Using the Plantronics SDK REST ServiceTBD
    Kevin Glinski
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  • PLTLayer: A new "minimalist" API for common telephony and contextual intelligence scenarios with Plantronics

    Intro PLTLayer is a new Plantronics API library designed to provide a "minimalist" API to applications wishing to implement common telephony and contextual intelligence scenarios with Plantronics products.   PLT...
    Lewis Collins
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  • Spokes Easy Demo for Spokes 3.0.zip

    *This version is for Spokes 3.0!*     /******* * * Spokes Easy Demo * * A demo app that shows use of SpokesWrapper.cs to make it easier to integrate any apps with Plantronics devices. * * This applic...
    Greg Rose
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  • PLT Hub for Android 2.2

    Hi all! Why PLT Hub app is not supported android 2.2.1? I made out the application PLT Hub latest version of the Market, and lowered the level of force SDK. Have SDK 7. It then works. Of course not all the features wo...
    Евгений Ли
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  • Plantronics HID 1.0/2.0 specifications

    Hello, We're developing a Linux module for the Calisto P240. Could you send me the HID 1.0/2.0 specifications for this device??     Best regards, Sergio.
    Sergio Dominguez
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  • Plantronics.UC.Utility vs Plantronics.Utility?

    I recently deployed a fix for an integration using the Spokes 2.7 .NET API (didn't want to change the framework version for a fix) and the SDK includes a Plantronics.UC.Uility but the application crashes upon load.&nb...
    Parker Smith
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  • Plantronics SDK version 3.0 is now live!

    We are excited to announce that the Plantronics SDK version 3.0 is now available for  download on the Plantronics Developer Connection website! We have created a new section for v3.0 that includes the SDK downloa...
    Greg Rose
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  • Set sidetone level on DA40

    I would like to set a sidetone level on a DA40 headset to 0 (zero). Is there a way how to do it via Plantronics SDK? I have searched through the SpokesSDK reference document, but could not find a method which such a ...
    ecko moia
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  • Starting Speech Recognition on device events

    I just started at Plantronics and started learning the Spokes SDK not too long ago.   Just to show how simple it is to use it and to give some idea on how many cool things can be done, I challenged myself to bui...
    Ricardo de Andrade
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  • Interacting with the Plantronics devices without the SDK

    The Plantronics SDK assists you integrating to the devices in a much easier way than having to rebuild all its layers of software and translate what it gets from the 'pipe' into the events you get from the SDK.  ...
    Ricardo de Andrade
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  • A New SDK Version Brings a New SDK Name!

    Perhaps you have seen the announcement about the private beta program for the newest version of our Software Developer Kit (SDK), version 3.0?   The Plantronics SDK version 3.0 is quite an exciting update for us...
    Greg Rose
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  • How to use the .Net API in a single instance application

    I want to integrate Plantronics headset support in our client application. This is a single instance application (behind the scenes it makes use of remoting!) and also has own remoting support. I can't get it to work ...
    Bert Boonstra
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  • Voyager Legend - dongle required?

    I have a Voyager Legend without a dongle.   I searched the forum for 'dongle' and from what I read it seems that certain functions won't work without it.  e.g.  Proximity detection   However I di...
    Dan Small
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  • Mac SDK has arrived (beta..!)

    Hello developers!   It has arrived!   You have been asking for it and you have been waiting patiently, and now the day has finally come.   We are proud to announce the private beta program for the Pl...
    Karim Damji
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  • newbie question

    Hi I am looking to utilize the Audio 648 or the Blackwire C210 product in a project of mine. Bohemia interactive makes a product called virtual battlespace 2 its a FPS. We use this tool to train marines and one of ...
    david solina
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  • Failure of Talk Button of C310

    Hi,     I need to work with Plantronics Blackwire C310 in a Gigabyte tablet model.   In this tablet after some time the talk button stops sending events.   All I need to do is press Talk button ...
    Julio Cabezas
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  • Status of Spokes SDK for Mac OS X?

    What is the status of providing a Spokes SDK for Mac OS X? A forum post from a year ago said it's "coming soon" but no updates or hints since. An update would be most appreciated.
    Tanner Ezell
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  • PlantronicsURE Error

    I have a user constantly getting this error from their plantronics softphone.
    Troy Warren
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