• Simple C++ console projects that outputs what button is pressed

    Hi,   I am new here and I was wondering on how to create a simple basic C++ project that should output whatever button is pressed. Say if I press 1 the console should show the 1 string etc.   I downloaded...
    Amin Ziarkash
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  • Plantronics SDK Archived Versions

    Latest SDK Version:  Windows & Mac SDKs - Plantronics SDK   Windows & Mac Hub Clients - Plantronics | Support | Downloads & Apps     Archived SDK Versions:  v3.1: Windows SDK - P...
    Lewis Collins
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  • Plantronics SDK for Mac v3.2

    **PLEASE NOTE** As of 20th Nov 2014 - The Native sample code included in this package does not work. Please download THIS VERSION: SpokesNativeSamplev2.zip which will work (now does console input on seperate thread, ...
    Lewis Collins
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  • SpokesNativeSamplev2.zip

    Find attached an updated Native sample for the Mac: “SpokesNativeSamplev2.zip”.   This now includes: The separate thread for console input as per the Wearing Sensor sample, that allows the SDK event...
    Lewis Collins
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  • Interacting with the Plantronics devices without the SDK

    The Plantronics SDK assists you integrating to the devices in a much easier way than having to rebuild all its layers of software and translate what it gets from the 'pipe' into the events you get from the SDK.  ...
    Ricardo de Andrade
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  • Accessing USB devices via HID

    I briefly covered some USB and HID features related to Plantronics devices in my previous post and now I'd like to actually show you some code on how to do it, not only to Plantronics devices, but to theoretically any...
    Ricardo de Andrade
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  • Is the SDK compatible with the Backbeat Pro or RIG? Also, what would you suggest for a smarthome? ;-)

    I'm the type of person who's always listening to music over headphones. And while I might end up trying the Voyager Legend UC for podcasts, I think I'd overall miss the stereo, surround sound. The newly announced Parr...
    Louis St-Amour
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  • Plantronics Spokes SDK Bundle for Windows v2.8.3

    Plantronics SDK for Windows version 2.8.55399.3 (2.8.3) (archived version) Also includes Spokes client, SDK merge module and runtime-only MSI.
    Lewis Collins
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  • Plantronics SDK for Windows v3.2

    Plantronics SDK for Windows version  3.2.50830.8480   Please note - During the SDK install process a folder with our sample code will be created on your machine at...  c:\program files (x86)\Plantronic...
    Lewis Collins
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  • Savi 700 series EHS port

    Hi,   Does anyone know the pinout, voltages, and behaviour of the 700 series EHS port?   From the various photos on the accessories tab on the product page (Plantronics | Savi 700 Series ) the connector se...
    James McCarthy
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  • Distributing Spokes Wrapper...

    All:   Which files should be included when creating an install package that uses the Spokes  Wrapper?
    Jose Gonzalez
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  • getting calling number from desk phone

    hello is there any way to get calling number from desk phone using Spokes API 3.0 ? my configuration is : plantronics MDA200 attached to PC and Avaya 4620 desk phone using savi EHS adapter AVP-60 +blackwire C710 h...
    jan prus
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  • getting calling number from mobile phone

    hello Im new in platronics spokes API. I succesfully ran few demos and sample codes in C# and C++, read API spec but cant find how to get calling number from mobile phone. I thought it would be GetATDCommand().Cal...
    jan prus
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  • Plugging Into Plantronics Headset Sensor Events via Android

    Disclaimer: though I am an employee of Plantronics this posting is my individual contribution.  The mechanisms for how the headset transmits events may be subject to change over time… but until they do enj...
    Cary Bran
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  • SDK support for discontinued Calisto 830/835 devices?

    Hi,   I'm new to the Plantronics product line so I may not even know what questions I need to ask.   I just discovered today that Plantronics has an SDK for some of its devices and I'm interested in tryin...
    Todd A
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  • FAQ

    FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What is the 2015 PLT Labs Application Innovation Contest? The 2015 PLT Labs Application Innovation Contest is a global contest focused on nurturing innovation among contestants, who will be...
    Mugdha Potdar
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  • Check Out the New Customer Service Center Section for Contact Center Developers!

    Did you see we just launched a new family of contact center headset solutions and also announced our next-generation DA Series USB digital audio processors? Check the press-release here!  This launch is all prett...
    Greg Rose
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  • Terms & Conditions

    Plantronics Terms of Service Welcome to Plantronics Developers Forum!   1. Your relationship with Plantronics 1.1 Your use of the products, software, services and web sites operated by Plantronics, Inc. (̶...
    Greg Rose
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  • iOS SDK

    Hi, I was recently at the AT&T home and car hackathon and saw you had the iOS SDK, I was unable to spend time on the Plantronics device, but I have a great idea and need a copy of the iOS SDK and examples.   ...
    Nick Lupien
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  • Failed to update PURE.xml

    While installing Plantronics MSI on Windows 7 machine I have encountered the following error popup which says "Failed to update PURE.xml".   Although  this popup is not consistent but have a couple of inst...
    Anirudh Trehan
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