• Get started with VB.NET and your Plantronics device!

    Hi!   Are you looking for a VB.NET example of Plantronics integration?   At the following URL a new VB.NET quick start sample code for Spokes: https://github.com/pltdev/Samples/   Grab the whole re...
    Lewis Collins
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  • SPOKES doesn't support Avaya One-X Attendant (remote answering and ring idication features)

    Hi Team,   As per Supported Products web page (http://www.plantronics.com/uk/support/software-downloads/business-windows.jsp) this Avaya product is not supported. Product details: Avaya Support - Products - Ava...
  • Legend UC: How talk in a call and play ringtone at same time?

    Hi,     We are integrating the Voyager Legend UC to our communication software and noticed that (unlike for example the Blackwire C310) i cannot have the audio of a call and play the headset ringtone at the...
    Julio Cabezas
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  • COM API 0x800700a4 error - No More Threads

    The following code:     ::CoInitialize(NULL);       HRESULT hr = S_OK;   if (SUCCEEDED(hr = ::CoCreateInstance(CLSID_SessionComManager, NULL,CLSCTX_LOCAL_SERVER, IID_ISessionCOMManager...
    Paul Wysocki
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  • PlantronicsURE error message box - "Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute."

    I have a number of customers that have been using our application for years integrated with the Plantronics Spokes SDK 2.7.1.   Recently, at least three sites have started getting popup errors.   The error...
    Paul Wysocki
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  • Spokes SDK 5-Minute Quick-start blog! (C# / C++)

    Hi All,   Adding Plantronics device features to your app is as easy as this!   C#:   using System; using Plantronics.UC.SpokesWrapper; namespace SpokesQuickStartDemo {     class Prog...
    Lewis Collins
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  • Spokes Runtime Redistributable

    Plantronics Spokes SDK Runtime Spokes_RT.msi (for more info click here) Version 2.8.38701.2 This MSI contains a cut-down version of Spokes containing only the REST Plugin and Logging plugin. This offers an al...
    Lewis Collins
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  • Status of Spokes SDK for Mac OS X?

    What is the status of providing a Spokes SDK for Mac OS X? A forum post from a year ago said it's "coming soon" but no updates or hints since. An update would be most appreciated.
    Tanner Ezell
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  • COM Initialization for Spokes

    Hi,   I am integrating Plantronics headset into a Windows application that uses WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). WPF initializes internally COM in the STA threading model.   On the other hand all Pl...
    Julio Cabezas
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  • Adding support for Voyager Legend to Innovaphone softphone

    Not a question about the SDK, but I was directed here to pose my question.   Audio works perfectly on the Voyager Legend, but I can't use the pick-up function (off/on hook) with the Innovaphone software phone. T...
    Lars Corstiaans
    created by Lars Corstiaans
  • Updating Email Preferences

    Users can update their email preferences by logging in and selecting the drop-down arrow next to their name in the upper-right corner of the Plantronics Developer Connection site and selecting Preferences. The screens...
    PDC Admin
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  • How to use the .Net API in a single instance application

    I want to integrate Plantronics headset support in our client application. This is a single instance application (behind the scenes it makes use of remoting!) and also has own remoting support. I can't get it to work ...
    Bert Boonstra
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  • Issue when station is started...

    I am having an issue when the station is turned on, where the SpokesWrapper returns the following trace:   2/22/2014 12:49:57 PM IsSpokesComSessionManagerClassRegistered:    About to look see if S...
    Jose Gonzalez
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  • Calisto P240 questions

    First of all, sorry for my English.   I'm Windows softphone application developer. The softphone works with numerous USB phones. Calisto P210M was very good USB phone because of it's hardware quality. It was sup...
    Sergey Seleznev
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  • Turning off mute on/off feedback tones in C310 ?

    Hi,     Some users are complaining of the mute on/off feedback tones of the C310.     Browsing plantronics.device.common.tlh I could found     virtual HRESULT __stdcall put_Mut...
    Julio Cabezas
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  • Installation problem in a standard user account

    Hi,   We have a problem with the installation of Spokes_RT.msi in a particular situation. The problem occurs when our installer program (made with NSIS) executes Spokes_RT.msi in a standard user account without...
    Staffan Hasselgren
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  • Spokes 3.x SDK and integration options

    Please refer to the attached pdf for details.
    Ramesh Theivendran
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  • Dictating Text Messages from a Windows Store Application using Plantronics and Twilio

    Note:  This article originally appeared on The Code Project.   Text messaging is a very convenient and popular form of communication. Many times we need to relay small bits of information to another person. ...
    created by csharpfritz
  • Dictating Text Messages with Plantronics and Twilio

    Why you don’t need a cell phone to send text messages I am a complete text message addict.  There, I said it… I like to text my family and friends about all sorts of things that don’t need a...
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  • Announcing: Spokes 3.0 SDK Beta!

    Hi All,   We are excited to announce the availability of the Spokes 3.0 SDK Beta! This is the SDK for the next generation of Plantronics Spokes software that is anticipated for launch during FY14.   Why Sp...
    Lewis Collins
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