Things needed to try the new Spokes 2.6 COM Service integration

Spokes 2.6 comes with a new COM Interface. This interface provides high-level access to Spokes features for standalone Windows applications written in C++.


The new COM interfaces leverages a the wide range of functionality already implemented by the Spokes platform for advanced device features and scenarios.


**NOTE** Contrary to the SDK documentation the COM Service cannnot currently be used from a managed application, e.g. C# or VB .NET, because you can't re-import the .TLB interface into Visual Studio .NET project (because it was originally exported from .NET Assembly). If this affects you please leave a comment or forum post!!!


Things needed to try the new Spokes 2.6 COM Service integration


  1. Reference documentation for the Spokes 2.6 SDK, download here: (refer to section 8 for a description of the COM interface).
  2. Latest Spokes 2.6 SDK, download here:
  3. Sample standalone C++ application that demonstrates COM interface (included in item 2., installs to C:\Program Files\Plantronics\Plantronics SDK\Samples\SpokesSDKCOMSample)
  4. Latest Full Spokes Software 2.6, download "Spokes 2.6 Windows (MSI)", available here:
  5. Unzip, then install: PlantronicsURE-SDK.msi (Spokes SDK) followed by PlantronicsURE_2_6_54523_0.msi (Full Spokes Software).


Running your application with the full version of Spokes (item 4.) is better than just the SDK MSI/MSM version, as it gives following benefits:

  • The Logging plugin
  • The REST plugin
  • The new COM Service
  • The iPlugin interface (note: add sample plugins / custom plugins to the "PURE.xml" - Spokes config file)
  • The Plantronics Control Panel (for easy configuration of device settings)
  • The Plantronics Battery Status Monitor (shows wireless headset battery status on the system tray area)
  • The Plantronics Update Manager (for easy update of Spokes software and device firmware)
  • Other softphone plugins (allowing your application to operate in a multi-softphone environment)
  • Media player plugins (allowing pause/resume functionality when taking a call)
  • Also it avoids problems if the user installs Spokes Software on top of your application


Using the new COM Service for your integration will provide support for current and future devices and features.


If you have any problems please post a comment below or start a new forum post!