The sample code for how to get your Plantronics headset to Tweet


Rev 2 - added fix for Proximity


Rev 3 - verified with Spokes SDK 2.7, 2nd Oct 2012

  Made the following *minor* tweaks:

   - Added comment on how to register for Twitter SDK key

   - Slightly changed the tweet message text

   - Updated project references (note: you may have to remove and re-add the Plantronics SDK references "Plantronics.Device.Common.dll" and "Plantronics.UC.Common.dll" due to the HintPaths in .csproj being relative)

   - Added post build event to project to copy output to Spokes SDK folder (requires you to run Visual Studio as Administrator)

   - Don't forget to add the entry to Spokes C:\ProgramData\Plantronics\PlantronicsURE\PURE.xml config file as per instructions in: How To Get Your Voyager Pro UC to Tweet otherwise the twitter sample won't load


Rev 4 - converted to standalone EXE to avoid using deprecated iPlugin API - now using COM Service API via .NET Interop!