SpokesSDKCOMNETSample - comprehensive sample of C# integration to COM Service API

Sample Name:







    This sample is a standalone C# application that will connect

    to an installed version of Spokes via the Spokes "COM Service" and the

    Spokes "C# COM Service Interop DLL" (Interop.Plantronics.DLL)





    Install Spokes 2.7 SDK that comes with the "C# COM Service Interop DLL" (Interop.Plantronics.DLL)



Build instructions:


    The project references the above DLL. On building the project you can then run the resulting EXE, i.e.

    with F5 or from Windows Explorer.

    This EXE will connect to Spokes via the above interop DLL which allows it to connect to an out of process

    COM Server, i.e. that exists in the Plantronics Spokes runtime.





    This sample application has a mandatory requirement for .NET 4.0 or higher.

    This is the case ONLY for sample!

    It does not apply to Spokes runtime itself and the iPlugin's for Spokes, which

    still target .NET 3.5 SP1


    The reason for requirement of .NET 4.0+ is a technical limitation we have encountered during the implementation.

    In order to the use the C# COM server from a C# client, the client needs to be complied with .NET 4.0 or higher.


    At this time we were not able to overcome this limitation and provide support for earlier .NET framework versions.