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Hi, ​How can I disable output logs from native library in debug mode? Regards, Ignacy

Could you try building and running the following Native Library sample code:

In my testing this example program does not generate any debug logging with native lib.

I also recommend you use latest 3.9 SDK from here: http://developer.plantronics.com/sdks

Let me know

Hello, I ran sample application against latest SDK - there were no logs generated on the console. But when I moved all required files (Spokes.dll, Spokes.lib, log4cxx.xml, PlantronicsDevices.xml, pltlog4cpp.dll and "include" directory) into my project, modified include paths and uninstalled hub, all the logs are being generated again. Thanks in advance, Ignacy

If you install Plantronics Hub again, it generates a folder called:
C:\ProgramData\Plantronics\Spokes3G log4cxx
with a file in it called Spokes.log4cxx

If you make a copy of that folder and file (just zip it), now uninstall Hub.

If you now restore the folder and file (unzip it) again... 

Now if you run your Native Lib program it will no longer have the annoying debug!!!! (which was produced by Spokes.dll - the Spokes.log4cxx tells Spokes.dll what to do with the debug).


Icollins, I experienced the same problem during building custom deployment of my application using Native API just puting Spokes.dll and PlantronicsDevices.xml inside my installer. It is very inconvenient to keep proposed config file at hardcoded path on every PC. I'd suggest to change current behavior either by adding "SetLoggingEnabled(bool)" function to API or by changing path whether to look for Spokes.log4cxx to folder whether Spokes.dll is located

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