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MobileCallerId state - version for support

Mike Homol Newbie

Hey there all,

I'm trying to get nailed down the exact version of firmware (Voyager PRO UC v2) that added support for the MobileCallerId event state.  As part of our installation packages and help screens, it will be very helpful to try and intelligently tell users both how and when to upgrade their headset/dongle firmware.  I'm basically looking for the earliest version of the firmware that our software can support and we feel like this would begin with when MobileCallerId state was added.

Thanks in advanced for your help.


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    Lewis Collins Tracker

    Hi Mike,


    Thanks for your forum post!


    The minimum firmware versions for Voyager PRO UC v2 required to correctly utilise caller id (as well as proximity), are as follows:


    - Headset (Voyager PRO UC v2) firmware minimum version: 97

    - Dongle (BT300) firmware minimum version: 54


    Regarding getting newer firmware on your Voyager Pro and it’s dongle, please do this with My Headset Updater, available here:


    This is currently providing at least the firmware versions mentioned above or higher (I think Dongle is on 57 now).


    First connect the dongle to PC and ask it to update your “BT300” (that is the dongle).


    When that is successful, disconnect the dongle and connect just the voyager pro headset using a microusb cable to PC, then ask it to update your voyager pro.


    Follow through to success. Please follow instructions carefully.


    Note: the My Headset Updater will show you what version you are updating from just before you choose to commence the update, like in picture below. Please take a note of this information for the dongle and the headset just in case you experience any problems updating.




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