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Setting AudioMixerState on SaviW740, but one interface is always Muted.

Paul Wysocki Newbie



I am using the COM API to communicate with a Savi W740, and I would like to use the IDeviceListener::put_AudioMixerState method to connect the Headset with the VOIP and PSTN interfaces simultaneously (using MuteState_All).


I can't tell if the mixer change has worked, because the Base Unit always seems to force One interface into a Hold state when the other is activated.


The following code is triggered (in a test app) when the user presses the PSTN button:


      VARIANT_BOOL lineActive;


      deviceListener->Hold(LineType_VOIP, FALSE, &lineActive);


      deviceListener->Hold(LineType_PSTN, FALSE, &lineActive);


When the Hold(LineType_VOIP ...) runs, the PSTN interface is placed on hold.


When the Hold(LineType_PSTN ...) runs, then the VOIP interface is placed on hold.


Does the Savi 740 support the ability to have more than one interface active at a time?  Do I need to use a different command to activate both interfaces?


Thanks in advance.


-Paul Wysocki