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Could provide VC++6.0 or OCX Demo?

bin zhang Newbie


    I want to add the device handling code(SpokesSDKComSample) to my Softphone code in C++.This is very urgent!

    My softphone GUI use VC++6.0 ,and it is big.But The SpokesSDKComSample Demo use VS2008.They are very difficult to mix together.

    So,could provide VC++6.0 or OCX Demo?  




  • Re: Could provide VC++6.0 or OCX Demo?
    Lewis Collins Tracker

    Hi Bin,


    I have checked and the VC++6.0 product is no longer available from Microsoft or MSDN subcriber downloads.

    I suggest your Softphone project should be imported into a newer Visual Studio product.


    I have seen PDC developers using Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010 for developing integrations to Plantronics, so you should not have problem adding Plantronics support once you have imported your Softphone code to any of these Visual Studio versions.


    Conversely if you still use VC++6.0, you should be able to utilise the COM interfaces of SpokesSDKCOMSample Demo from VC++6.0, but we don't have a demo project in that environment I'm afraid.