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Terminate call doesn't close the channel
  • Plantronics hub + rest.
  • Headset: savi 700
  • OS: both windows and osx
  • Plantronics Hub: 3.9.2 build 1341
  1. Answer: /Spokes/CallServices/AnswerCall?name=%1&callID=%2
  2. Terminate: /Spokes/CallServices/TerminateCall?name=%1&callID=%2
It works just fine but the channel isn't closed after terminating the call (eg the green lamp is still light up and I hear myself in the headset). Is it supposed to work like this or do I need to do something else?


Could you compare the behaviour with our live JavaScript sample, located here: https://pltdev.github.io/

If the sample also doesn't close the line, please check in Plantronics Hub software from http://www.plantronics.com/software for the option called Settings > General > Headset to PC radio link, and make sure it is set to Active only during call. (recommened setting).


By the way, the code for that sample is here: http://developer.plantronics.com/article/get-started-code-samples in JavaScript tab, however if you are using the REST API URLs directly, please refer to the "Java" tab example!!

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