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Plantronics RIG 500E
Im having a problem with the headset beeing extremly loud. I have to lower my windows volume to atleast 50% and even lower in mediaprograms. It would be nice if you could include a volume changer in the Audio Panel. I tried using a program called Equalizer APO and setting it to -20db which made it much better, but unfortunally Teamspeak wont accept the headset if i use it. 

Hi,<br /> You have come through on the SDK support site.<br /> Feel free to contact Plantronics support directly, via:&nbsp;<a href="http://www.plantronics.com/support">www.plantronics.com/support</a><br /> Scroll to bottom and click &quot;Contact Support &gt;&quot; for local telephone number.<br /> Thanks<br /> &nbsp;

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