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Make W710 Compatible with Avaya one-X(r) Attendant 4.0 Service Pack 13
Hello, I was referred to this forum by one of your technical support reps, Irina MONARREZ. I have just purchased the Savi W710 to be used with our current Avaya one-X(r) Attendant 4.0 Service Pack 13 for Avaya Aura(r) Communication Manager. However, the headphones do not have the capability to pick-up calls while roaming with the headphones on. Plantronics says I must roll back to SP6 to make the Savi 710 100% functional, but we are unwilling to do that. My question is, can you revise your software so that my newly purchased W710's will work with Avaya one-X(r) Attendant 4.0 Service Pack 13? Thank You, any help here would be much appreciated. These headphones are obviously very expensive and I would like to see them work as they should. They are for our receptionist who loves this model! Todd McDowell Town of Vail tmcdowell@vailgov.com

Hi Todd,<br /> You have come through on an SDK forum (software developer kit). However as I understand it Avaya one x has many variations, there is no call control support for the &quot;attendant&quot; version.<br /> If you require more support on this or other product topics (not SDK), you could reach the dedicated support team here: <a href="http://www.plantronics.com/contactsupport" target="_blank">http://www.plantronics.com/contactsupport</a><br /> Thanks,<br /> Lewis.<br /> &nbsp;

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