Generating Streaming Data

To generate streaming data, you must perform the following steps:
  1. Install Plantronics Hub on a Windows computer (Mac support coming soon).
  2. Ensure Plantronics Hub is connecting to the tenant appropriate for your purpose (Sandbox or Production). See below for more details.
  3. Have a Plantronics Hub supported headset that is plugged in and functional.
  4. Generate events that are available for streaming consumption.

There are currently two streaming events available for use:

  1. Quick Disconnect (QD) Events: The plugging or unplugging of a headset top from a DA70/80/90 amplifier.
  2. Mute: The muting or unmuting of a call using any of the Plantronics Hub supported headsets.

Installing Plantronics Hub

Before you can begin to generate any streaming data, you must install the Plantronics Hub client application. 
  • IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE THE GENERIC VERSION of Plantronics Hub available online.
  • Instead, you must install the version of Plantronics Hub that has been customized to connect to a specific tenant (see details below).

Streaming Data to the Plantronics Sandbox

  1. Download Plantronics Hub 32-bit MSI or 64-bit MSI. This is the current production release of the Plantronics Hub client and is pre-configured to send the generated data to the Plantronics Sandbox tenant. 
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Install Plantronics Hub.
  4. Confirm Plantronics Hub is connecting to the Plantronics Sandbox tenant by opening Plantronics Hub and going to Help > Support > Troubleshooting to ensure the TenantID is "plt".

Latest Hub build  is located at :



Download the latest build for Plantronics hub and install it either by :

  1. By clicking on the installer. The installer is self-explanatory and does not need any argument to be passed.  OR

  2. Using the following cmd prompt to install.

msiexec /i PlantronicsHubInstaller_x64.msi TENANT_ID="plt" TENANT_TOKEN="HJ3fCM7Stxkai73MDTdf13MbvjPt2bmY1WYn1bomwA5sYKv4ExsfjIeS4aiX2uPg" SERVER_URL=""


Macintosh HD:Users:cdikshit:Downloads:Screenshots:HubInstall1.PNG


Macintosh HD:Users:cdikshit:Downloads:Screenshots:HubInstaller2.PNG


Macintosh HD:Users:cdikshit:Downloads:Screenshots:HubInstall3.PNG


Macintosh HD:Users:cdikshit:Downloads:Screenshots:HUnInstall4.PNG


On launching the hub, make sure that the tenant is authenticated successfully.

Click on the Support -> Troubleshooting Assistance, authentication has to be Success. If it fails, either the tenant token or the auth server URL is incorrect.

If it continues to fail, contact Plantronics Support.



Once the tenant is authenticated, make sure that the file realTimeSubscription.json is created under User/AppData/Local/Plantronics

Once this file is created, you should be able to access real time events (under this subscription json) if you subscribe to the following keys in your client application.



Tenant Pub Key and Sub Key and subscription channels are:


Macintosh HD:Users:cdikshit:Desktop:Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 4.28.57 PM.png


App Pub Key, Sub Key and app subscription channel is:


Please Note: The sandbox has a pre authorized sample app which is authorized for USAGE REALTIME events and is setup for the plt tenant in the sandox.



Streaming Data to a Production (or Customer) Tenant

  1. Obtain the Plantronics Hub 32-bit MSI or 64-bit MSI from the production tenant. This file will be pre-configured to send data to the Plantronics tenant from which it was generated. The files can be generated and downloaded in Plantronics Manager Pro by going to Admin | Plantronics Hub
  2. Install Plantronics Hub.  
  3. Confirm Plantronics Hub is connecting to the correct tenant by opening Plantronics Hub and going to Help > Support > Troubleshooting to ensure the TenantID is the anticipated connection.

Next Step: Request and Receive App Authorization