Improve Agent Performance

Provide additional insights and improve customer service representative performance

Customer service representatives have now become highly skilled brand ambassadors who, on every call, have the responsibility to maintain or enhance a company’s reputation. For many customers, they don’t just represent the company, they are the company. When every call is critical, it’s essential that the customer service representative be as effective as possible.

The conversation analysis APIs provides insights in to the dynamics of the conversation taken directly from the headset with separate information for the representative and the customer.  Use this API to

  • Trigger a call recording system or to notify a line manager on which calls to listen back based on a high level of overtalk –which could be an indication of a heated conversation.
  • Create a customer service representative coaching application that prompts the representative to listen more in a help desk escalation role and hence show a greater empathy with the customer. Alternatively, to tell the representative to talk more in a selling environment.

The usage analysis API can be used to

  • supplement information from existing work flow management application to identify representatives that have a headset actually connected and are ready to take a call. This information can also be displayed on wall boards as an indication to other representatives on availability.

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Manage Assets

Provide up-to-date inventory management and purchasing automatically

With an ever increasing disperse workforce that is relying on headsets as their main communication device, keeping track of this inventory is become more and more time consuming.  Accurately predicting IT requirements for the next quarter, while working to a budget and ensuring enough stock can be difficult.

The asset analysis APIs provides insight into actual headset usage down to the model type – using this information coupled with the headset out of service information it is possible to predict the purchase requirements for the next quarter and automatically notify the purchasing system.

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Enhance UC Monitoring

Monitor UC deployment and identify issues quickly

With any new technology, adoption is the biggest challenge and one that every deployment will be measured against.  Monitoring the adoption during the early stages of deployment is key to a good user experience, along with ensuring that a good quality audio end point is being used.

Using the asset and usage analysis APIs, it is possible to monitor the roll out and adoption of not only the UC client, but the all-important audio end-point.  Use this information within your UC client to notify the user of a non-approved device, or adapt the audio response to compensate.

Use the link quality API to supplement your current network monitoring tools by measuring the Bluetooth radio link quality between the headset and the USB Bluetooth adapter.  This gives you the ability to now measure the completed end to end audio chain and identify if the audio degradation is due to Bluetooth interference or the user simply walking too far away from their computer.

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