API Overview

You can add Plantronics headset support to your application by using one of the four APIs included in the Plantronics SDK:

  • COM Service .NET Interop API
  • COM Service API
  • REST Service API
  • Native Library API

The diagram below shows how these APIs are exposed by the Plantronics software.


API Language Options

The following table summarizes the four APIs and supported languages, deployment options and how to reference them in your development environment:



Deployment Options

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Example Applications


The link "more about API" gives page not found. So where can I get information on the COM api (hint: it is not in Plantronics® SDK v3.6 API Specification).

Thank you, the link has now been fixed.

For information on the COM API, please have a look at 1.5.1: COM APIs in the Plantronics SDK v3.6 API Specification document on page 14. There are 4 bullet points which will direct you to further information regarding the interfaces.

The REST API is listed as "Javascript" but this API (like any REST API) is language independent, and we are currently using it from C++.

Thank you, this is now updated