Plantronics Manager Pro and ServiceNow Automated Ticketing example

The Plantronics IT team manages offices globally as well as employees working remotely—just as most of our customers do. The challenges around ensuring an UC experience is the best it can be are common.

The Plantronics IT team had a preview of the APIs. They also know well the importance of deploying the right headsets, configuring headsets correctly for users and ensuring software is up to date. With this foundation, Plantronics IT created an integration with ServiceNow, the service desk ticketing and support solution used internally. 

A ServiceNow ticket is automatically opened whenever a user is running an out-of-date version of Plantronics Hub. The ticket can then be picked up by the IT team for resolution, and ensures that all users have the latest software, and that any potential issues are resolved before they become a problem for the user. The automation of the process saves time for an already busy IT team.

Take a look at the sample code to learn how you can create your own service desk integration.

In accordance to the developer policy, this code is made available on an as-is basis.

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