Asset Management APIs

Prototype Asset Management APIs are available which enable developers to embed Plantronics Manager Pro asset management functionality into their applications.  Use the APIs to manage headset firmware, deploy Hub software, make Policy updates. Specifically, the Asset Management APIs expose the following functionality to developers:


    Developer tenant getting started POSTman collection

    Now that you have been issued a developer tenant for getting started with Plantronics Manager Pro Open APIs, we want to help you get started, using sample API calls into our QA tenant as a point of reference. We have created a POST collection to help you get started with a pre-tested working set of POSTman collections. Download this zip file to get started:


    Radio Link Quality Data

    One use case for Radio Link Quality APIs is how third-party call quality diagnostics tools can be enhanced by knowing what’s going on at the first three feet. Specifically, how can IT troubleshoot the Bluetooth link between headset and USB adapter? 
    The Radio Link Quality API provides key information that can be used to gain true insights into the Bluetooth radio link:


      Asset & Usage Analysis – a Microsoft Power BI Application using Plantronics Open APIs

      UPDATE: Plantronics has created an app for Power Bi that can be installed today in your Power BI environment. 
      See the overview of Plantronics app for Microsoft Power BI for more details.

      Asset & Usage Analysis – a Microsoft Power BI Application using Plantronics Open APIs

      Download link:
      Sample Code for PDC - Power


      Plantronics Headset Call Control with Amazon Connect

      In order to implement Plantronics Headset Call Control with Amazon Connect, a developer must link the Amazon Connect Streams API and Plantronics REST API (client-based) through the Contact Control Panel (CCP) embedded on a custom page with JavaScript. Visit the Amazon Connect Headset Solutions page to view recommended devic


      Getting Started with Real-time APIs


      In this article, I describe how to access the Plantronics Manager Pro APIs for real-time events. The source code is pointing at the "Sandbox" tenant. However, once you have access to your own tenant you will just change the relavent URLs and security tokens (the tenant information provided during Hub install and generating a PubNub channel to receive your realtime events). This example is written in C#, but there are many other languages supporting PubNub.