I've tested streaming for usage events in sandbox. How do I integrate streaming events in production with a tenant?
Streaming service infrastructure is not setup in production by default. Contact us (http://dev-plantronics.pantheonsite.io/contact-us) to setup streaming services with the tenant API code. This will be setup on a per tenant basis.
What are the Terms of Service for Plantronics Manager Pro?
View Terms of Service for Plantronics Manager Pro.
Does Plantronics Manager Pro support Plantronics Hub on mobile devices?
No. It is not currently possible to include data collected from the Plantronics Hub mobile application.
Is it possible to co-brand my application?
Complete the online App Submission Form and send it to Plantronics for review.
How can I learn more about your existing partners or how to become a partner?
Complete the online App Submission Form and send it to Plantronics for review.
For the Device Inventory API, is it possible to track contact center headsets such as the EncorePro 500/700 Series?
Yes. It is possible to track the digital versions of the EncorePro 500 and 700 only.
Where are the data centers for Plantronics Manager Pro located?
There are 4 data centers located in: USA, Australia, Singapore, and Ireland,. Customer cans request where they want their data stored.
For the Softphone Status API, what softphones are compatible?
View the list of supported softphone applications Plantronics recognizes a UC/softphone application and version by its .exe file.
How are data about non-Plantronics devices captured?
Non-Plantronics device data are captured in real-time when a user plugs in the respective USB audio device. The details reported depend on the feature capabilities of the alternatively branded device. Once Plantronics Hub is installed, it will look at all HIDs (Human Interface Device) that expose the Telephony page (0xB). Devices that are determined to be a Telephony device with a VID (Vendor ID) not equal to Plantronics (0x47F) are inventoried and data sent to Plantronics Manager Pro.
As a developer, can I request my own tenant?
Yes. We offer a Not for Resale tenant for up to 250 users, for 12 months, at no charge.  This can be renewed each year at no charge.
Can Plantronics Manager Pro be upgraded during the subscription term?
Yes. It is possible to upgrade both user band and data access mid-term (e.g. you could upgrade to a higher user band with additional analysis suites and add data access during the middle of your subscription term). 
How do I take my application to market?
Refer to the details on the Go to Market page.
Do all Plantronics headsets support all analysis suites and hence are supported by all APIs?
No. Please refer to the Supported Devices Matrix to determine which headsets support which reporting suites.
If the customer's subscription has expired, will they be able to access their data via the API?
No. If a customer does not renew a subscription for Plantronics Manager Pro with our joint partner, their account will be terminated 30 days after the subscription expiry date. At this point all their data will also be destroyed.
How can my customer check to see if their subscription is still active?
In Plantronics Manager Pro, go to Admin > Subscriptions to ensure that the relevant suites have not exceeded the contract end date. 
Where can I find the status of the Plantronics Manager Pro services, specifically the Data Access Suite?
The status of our services can be found on our System Status page on Plantronics.com.
What real-time events are available?

Currently two real-time events are available:

  1. Quick Disconnect (QD) Events: The plugging or unplugging of a headset top from a DA70/80/90 amplifier. 
  2. Mute: The muting or unmuting of a call using any of the Plantronics Hub supported headsets.
I've asked my customer to log into Plantronics Manager Pro, authorize my app, and enable access to the datasets that my app requires. One of the datasets is disabled. Why is this dataset unavailable?
Your application likely requires access to a dataset that your customer is not yet subscribed to.  The customer will need to contact their reseller and purchase the appropriate subscription.
I downloaded the Plantronics SDK. What now?

View our Getting Started article to view and exercise in C# on how to integrate call control and mute syncronization.

For other languages or our smarter headset features, check out our API Overview, API Reference, Code Samples and Forums.

Which MSIs should I deploy?

The MSIs you should deploy will depend on which of our 4 APIs you have used.

See details: Plantronics SDK Deployment Options

The headset isn't working! Please fix.

Please visit the Plantronics Support Page for any headset issues not related to the SDK.

My wireless headset events are slow/delayed.

It is normal for wireless headsets to take around 1-2 seconds for the link to establish (for example when first answering a call).

A solution to get around this would be to programmatically raise the audio link during an incoming ringing signal so the link is live by the time the user answers. To be able to do this using the native interface you would have to disable audio sensing via IAdvanceSettings interface (AudioSensing = false). This only needs doing once, when you first attach to the device.

To activate the audio link, use IDevice.HostCommand.AudioState = MonoOn and to deactivate the audio link set to MonoOff.

However, if using this approach you might need to play your own PCM ring signal through the headset, because depending on the product the Plantronics "internal" headset ring tone may not be heard once the wireless audio link is established.

Help! My wireless device isn't being picked up by the Plantronics SDK.
  • Make sure you are using a supported device 
  • Make sure your headset is paired to your base or dongle
  • NOTE: if you have paired your headset directly to your host computer without a dongle this is not supported by the Plantronics SDK. You must unpair and pair with the headset's dongle.
What headsets are compatible with the Plantronics SDK?

See the list of supported devices for Plantronics Hub software.

What programming languages can I use with the Plantronics SDK?

Plantronics SDK currently supports the following languages:

  • C# (and VB.NET)
  • C++
  • JavaScript
Which Operating Systems does the Plantronics SDK work on?

The Plantronics SDK is currently available for:

  • Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Mac OS versions 10.7 (Lion), 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Mavericks) and 10.10 (Yosemite)