The Plantronics Developer Connection was a Platinum Sponsor at the TechRaising event last weekend.


We had a great time connecting with developers and checking out the local tech scene.  We also got to pitch the PDC and the Spokes SDK to the TechRaising folks, which was great!  We were hopeful that some of the developers in attendance would decide to build something using the Spokes SDK.  We even brought along some special build Voyager Legend UC headsets (that have not been released yet) in hope that this would inspire developers even more.


We were really excited when PDC members and (AKA Tracy) teamed up to build a sweet training tool, Quick Draw.


We could tell you more about it, but instead, just check out this video to see how it all went down.  Great job guys!  We love your project!



Great that they found the APIs easy to work with . Awesome demo - love the graphics!!!

Cool, glad you watched the video. Yeah, they built the whole thing in under 5 hours!  We are working with and to get Quick Draw posted on the PDC.  Stay tuned!