Howdy everyone!


This is just a quick post to make sure you are all aware that the PDC has its own Twitter account and YouTube page.


First up, we have our Twitter account that you can find @PlantronicsDev.  This is where you can find up to the minute information on the latest content posted to the PDC, including blog posts, new sample code and anything else we think you might be interested in.  As a matter of fact, we will even be tweeting about this blog post as soon as it is live, which is a bit meta, but all good anyways.


I guess there is not much more to report about our Twitter account besides to say… Follow us!


Next up is the Plantronics Developer Connection YouTube channel which you can find at  Currently we have about 9 videos posted, but we will be adding more and more as the days progress.  What kind of videos are there?  Well, go to the page and check it out!  But seriously, we currently have lots of partner videos posted where some of our integration partners talk about their apps they have developed using the Spokes SDK. These videos are a great way to see what other companies are up to and possibly give you some ideas about ways you too can use the Spokes SDK to make something cool.


We have other videos on the YouTube channel that you should check out, including this one embedded below of Cary Bran talking about why all you developer types should be interested in the PDC.


That is about it for now, so until next time, check out the video below.