Developers who intend to integrate their app to Plantronics Open Data Access APIs have to get assigned API keys for accessing different products APIs. The Plantronics developer portal allows developers to register themselves. API keys allow applications to be authorized by the Plantronics Cloud Platform themselves to specific products they are interested in integrating with.   
  1. After creating your account, you will receive a validation email that will grant you permission to creating your API keys.
  2. Sign in to your account to add a new key.
  3. Select relevant API Products for the app to integrate with using check boxes. Enter a Callback URL if there is one. If not, leave it blank.  Note:  Foundational API Product is selected by default.
  4. Your developer account will now be assigned an API key which can be used to call API Products assigned to the key in any of the regions that the app calls into. This key can be later edited to add or remove associated products.

Next Step: Identify Tenant API Code