The Tenant API Code is the unique identifier that will allow you to request access to the correct tenant.

Depending on your goals, you may begin by working with the Sandbox Tenant (with Tenant API Code embedded) as you experiment with our APIs to see how sample data works with your code. If you are working with a specific customer (or developing for internal use) and would like to connect to real customer data from Plantronics Manager Pro, you will need to request and receive authentication to use this identifier.

Sandbox Tenant API Code
The Tenant API Code is pre-embedded for you in each API provided. In the event that the code does not display correctly, the Sandbox Tenant API Code is af0813e6-81c0-4a77-89d2-3338d0277c42.


Customer Tenant API Code
For a customer with a Plantronics Manager Pro tenant, the Tenant API Code can be found in Plantronics Manager Pro in the following location:

Plantronics Manager Pro > Admin > Accounts > Company Profile > Tenant API Code

API regional host URLs
For each region, we have a unique API host url. All of the data in each of the regions is completely isolated for Data Privacy policies that Plantroncis PM Pro guarantees to its customers. So, an app created in one region will not be available in  another region. So, it has to be registered for each region separately. Once you have identified which region the tenant you will be integration your app with, please refer the following section to identify the region that you will need to call to do one of the following:
  1.  Request authorization for an app with a PM Pro tenant
  2. Use APIs to query specific tenant's data in that region or use Streaming APIs
API Regional Host URLs
API Regional Host URL 
Singapore(Any APAC tenant)
North America
Staging (Developer tenant)

As an example, to trasform your request to call version status report get request for the Sandbox enviroment, you will be calling  to AU:
curl -v -X GET{tenantApiCode}/versionstatus/software 
will tranform to for Australia:

curl -v -X GET{tenantApiCode}/versionstatus/software

NOTE: If you are using sandbox, you DO NOT need to request authorization for an app. Authorization is disabled for an appId (still an appId header is required) since this environment is for development purposes only for app developers. If you are using Developer tenant, please use the staging host url. Developer tenants are hosted in NA.

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