Generating Streaming Data

The generation and retrieval of streaming data is not available via the Sandbox.  To generate and test streaming data, you must have your own Plantronics Manager Pro developer tenant. 

Installing Plantronics Hub

To generate streaming data, you must generate a custom Plantronics Hub installer from within your Plantronics Manager Pro environment.   

  1. Log into your Plantronics Manager Pro tenant (Request Form)
  2. Download and install Plantronics Hub from Admin > Plantronics Hub
  3. Ensure Plantronics Hub is connecting to your tenant and has been authenticated.  See Verify Connection to Tenant for more details.
  4. Have a Plantronics Hub supported headset that is plugged in and functional.
  5. Generate events that are available for streaming consumption.

Verify Connection to Tenant 

On launching Plantronics Hub, ensure Plantronics Hub is connecting to and authenticated against your tenant:  
  1. Click on Support > Troubleshooting Assistance
    • TenantID:  The Tenant ID displayed in Plantronics Hub should match the TenantID listed in Plantronics Manager Pro > Admin > Accounts > Company Profile.  If this is not the case, please ensure you downloaded Plantronics Hub from within your Plantronics Manager Pro tenant and NOT from
  1. Authentication Status:  Authentication should indicate Success.  If Status shows failed, please contact Plantronics Support. 

Available Event

  1. Quick Disconnect (QD) Events: The plugging or unplugging of a headset top from a DA70/80/90 amplifier.
  2. Mute: The muting or unmuting of a call using any of the Plantronics Hub supported headsets.

Next Step: Request and Receive App Authorization