Author: Roger Ogborne, Plantronics

Plantronics Hub is a client based application that provides the end user with the ability to customize and get the most out of their headset – so what??.  The real power comes when Plantronics Hub is used in conjunction with Plantronics Manager Pro an all in one headset management tool. Now your end customer’s IT team, or even their service partner has the ability to manage the headset estate remotely.  Which let’s face it, is an important part in delivering a great experience of your product to your customers.
So what does this mean for you the developer – when looking at the different deployment options you should select the one that allows you to work with the Plantronics Hub client.  Your end customers can then use Plantronics Manager Pro to manage, monitor and maintain their headsets – ensuring a better user experience of your application.

For more information on Plantronics Manager Pro see here.  To learn more about the different API options see here.

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