As a developer, you have two paths you can follow to start using our APIs:

  1. Use Sandbox Data to explore our APIs with a sample Plantronics Manager Pro tenant.
  2. Use Customer Data from an existing Plantronics Manager Pro customer tenant.

Using Sandbox Data

Browse APIs to connect to Sandbox data (Tenant API Code already embedded)
* If utilizing streaming data, read about ingesting and consuming streaming data
Code and test your app

Using Customer Data

Created with Sketch. Register for an account
Generate API key
Created with Sketch. Identify customer's Tenant API Code (or provide your own if developing for internal use) and your tenant ODA regional host URLs
Created with Sketch. Register your app to get an AppID
* If utilizing streaming data, read about ingesting and consuming streaming data
Use API to request and receive authorization from Plantronics Manager Pro
Created with Sketch. Confirm authorization of data access
Code and test your app
Review Go-to-Market workflow for your specific scenario