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Audio Issues with Savi 82xx Headset
Hello, I have a basic implementation of the Plantronics Interop C# SDK. When doing some testing with the Savi 8240 headset we are getting some weird behaviour: - When answering a call using our softphone gui, the call state on the headset is updated properly as indicated by the base station and the audio channel being established with the pc and headset If audio sensing is disabled, the audio levels are extremely quiet even with the headset and windows volume at 100%, this problem goes away completely if the call is answered using the headset talk button or during the call we answered from the softphone gui if we press the headset talk button twice to close and reopen the audio link, then the audio levels are just fine.. If audio sensing is enabled, we get another bizzare issue. Audio levels are fine, and answering from the softphone GUI is fine.. but now when we try to answer from the headset using the talk button *sometimes* there is a 2-5 second delay before the audio link is established after answering a call. Any advice here would be helpful there is not alot of documentation i could find online about these types of headsets that have to establish or close audio links. Keeping the audio link up 24/7 is not an option as it seems to drain the headsets battery far too quickly.