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Backbeat Pro crashing with the latest Bluez stack
Hello Plantronics developers, The support sent me here to discuss an issue I have discovered and which is reproductible on other computers (with different bluetooth chips). The latest version of the Bluez stack (5.42) that can be found on bleeding edge Linux distributions makes the Backbeat Pro crash when connecting. Pairing is working fine but recently, trying to connect to the Backbeat Pro makes the device crash and reboot every time. Symptoms: - Connect to the device - The computer indicates the connection as successful - The headset starts playing the "phone 1 connected" message but after few milliseconds cuts and restarts like it was just powered on - The computer marks the device as disconnected - Finally trying to connect with a phone sometimes doesn't work anymore unless the headset is powered off first The problem is not new but previously it worked after 1-2 attempts. My best guess is probably a race condition or stack corruption in the headset firmware. At first I've been told by the support that the Backbeat Pro does only supports mobile phones but since it is advertised as a "Bluetooth headset" I don't see any valid justification for the headset to crash when used in a non-mobile bluetooth environment. Using Wireshark I've been able to capture a bluetooth trace[1] showing the issue. If you need any more information that can be useful, just ask :) Thanks! [1] http://storm.l0cal.com/~etix/backbeatpro-bluez-crash.pcapng

Hi,<br /> Thanks for the detailed information about the issue.<br /> This web site is for questions relating to our SDK integration, however Tu who you spoke to earlier is going to look to forward your info to the right team, and will get back to you with update.<br /> Thanks,<br /> Lewis.<br /> &nbsp;

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