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Battery charging event not being generated/received
Hi, I am using the native C++ APIs and seem to be getting all the events that I am looking for except for when the headset is being charged. For instance, I am using a Savi W740 and when I query the battery level or when my onBatteryLevelChanged() is triggered, I can get the battery level. But when I undock and dock the headset, I only get HS_STATE_CHANGE_DOCKED (or actually I also get CALL_STATE_HOOK_DOCKED) but never HEADSET_STATE_DOCKED_CHARGING in my DeviceListenerCallback onHeadsetStateChanged(). Am I supposed to do something specific for Hub to send this event? I have also tested this on a Savi 8200 with the same results. Also another question unrelated to battery or charging... Is there any way to get the image of the connected device through an API? Other vendor SDKs have this capability. Just curious. Thank you!