Radio Link Quality Data

One use case for Radio Link Quality APIs is how third-party call quality diagnostics tools can be enhanced by knowing what’s going on at the first three feet. Specifically, how can IT troubleshoot the Bluetooth link between headset and USB adapter? 
The Radio Link Quality API provides key information that can be used to gain true insights into the Bluetooth radio link:


    HubRESTSample – a new C++ REST API Sample for PDC

    This new sample code illustrates seamless consumption of Plantronics out-of-proc REST API from C++ code!

    Location of full sample code: Click here

    Key Benefits

    1. Supports Plantronics Manager Pro configuration
      • Works with Plantronics Hub via “out-of-proc” REST API
    2. Supports multi-softphone & multi-device configurations
    3. Same code for both Windows and Mac environments


    Advanced SDK Topic: Ensuring Resilience with Plantronics COM API

    Author: Lewis Collins, Plantronics

    When using the Plantronics COM API how do you ensure the connection to the Plantronics Hub software is working?
    • What if the user accidentally shuts down Plantronics Hub (or it crashes), or user upgrades it which would also result in it shutting down and starting again. Would your software re-connect to the COM API automatically?


    Implement Proximity Detection (Near/Far) with Voyager Focus UC/5200 UC and BT600 dongle


    The Plantronics SDK feature for receiving proximity events when headset is Near or Far from PC can still be used with the new line of products based on BT600 dongle (Voyager Focus UC, Voyager 5200 UC).

    **Full sample code for this article located here**: /system/files/FocusProximityExample.zip
    (You must be logged in to download the file).


    Integrate Plantronics REST API from Go


    I have recently created an example integrate from the Go language to the Plantronics REST API.

    It is still a work in progress but it is functional for receiving device, session and session manager events. (For further guidance on the REST Service API URLs you can use, check out the Java and JavaScript integration samples elsewhere on this site).

    Obtain Go language (golang) from here: https://golang.org/