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CallStateChanged Behavior
Hi all, I'm building my own module to integrate a softphone using the Plantronics SDK (COM Service .NET Interop API). In my code, I have registered a new application with a specific name. I also registered my application to many events and among other this one: sessionManagerEvents.CallStateChanged += SessionManagerEvents_CallStateChanged; When I start running my application, I press on the headset buttons and I start receiving events in my EventHandler but I'm only receiving events for the CallSource Microsoft OC/Lync and none for my applications. Is it normal? I should receive events for my application no? Thanks for helping. Kind regards, SbY  

Hi SbY,<br /> You&#39;re definitely going down the right path. You won&#39;t see any callstatechanged events for your application until you tell Plantronics about your calls first.<br /> You do this using the IncomingCall/OutgoingCall/CallAnswered functions.<br /> For an example cut and paste the C# code from this page:&nbsp;http://developer.plantronics.com/article/softphone-integration-code-samples<br /> It is a command line example application that illustrates all the functions and events you need for basic call control.<br /> Let me know if that works.<br /> Thanks,<br /> Lewis

Hi Lewis,<br /> <br /> Indeed, I got the event for my application now. Thanks for your help.<br /> <br /> Kind regards,<br /> SbY

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