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Chrome App Receiving input from USB-PTT Headset
I'm trying to develop a Chrome app which receives voice input from USB-PTT headset, using Chrome usb API.  Now I can connect my app to the device, but I don't know how to take voice input from the device. I tried the isochronous transfer but failed. Any suggestions on what I can do in the next step? Thanks!

Hi,<br /> I would think the headset is already in use by the host operating system as an audio device. Therefore it would make more sense to use the Web Audio API to capture the input from the headset&#39;s microphone. However, the Chrome USB API (or other USB API) may be useful for capturing headset button events for example to start/stop the PTT recording (that is captured using Web Audio API).<br /> Thanks,<br /> Lewis<br /> &nbsp;

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