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MyHeadset Updater for Windows & Voyager Edge
Hello! I'm bad write in English Say, whe ther it is possible in a Programme disconnect a permanent notice at startup headset. (Power On and TALK time 6 hours)  Update please  program MyHeadset Updater 2.0 for users headset.   Everytime listen state Headsets very annoying. when you use her everyday. I and So I know what I included headset and battery status I can ask if I need through voice command. At inclusion enough just Signal Sound  BEEPPP! and all! and when you turn off - let he speaks  THE POWER IS OFF. OK would if I could ask in a Programme team Next track and Previous track through voice command would perfectly... ======================= Thank you for your headset  good job! ((((((sorry of the text, I really bad to write in English))))))

Hi,<br /> Thank you for the message. The Plantronics Developer Connection is intended for questions related to our SDK.<br /> However on the Voyager Edge the only voice prompts you can turn off is the &quot;mute off&quot; alert. This can be done with <a href="http://www.plantronics.com/us/support/myheadset/updater/" target="_blank">My Headset Updater</a>.<br /> It is a good suggestion to allow playback control via voice commands (next track / previous track), thank you.<br /> Cheers,<br /> Lewis.

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