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Creating Softphone Plugin for Plantronics Hub
Hi I'm looking for some guidlines or sample code on how to create and install a softphone plugin for the Plantronics Hub. Anyone links, documentation  or sample code? Best Regards Mikael

Hi,<br /> <br /> There is no public API for creating a plugin to Hub. However you can integrate with hub using the public COM API. This has the same effect as if your application was a plugin, however you register your COM session. It allows your application to operate in a multi-softphone configuration with Hub.<br /> <br /> For more details on the COM API see the getting started guide: <a href="/article/plantronics-sdk-your-first-steps">/article/plantronics-sdk-your-first-steps</a><br /> This is based on C# .NET, however the same API is avaible in C++ of you look at the reference guide linked at the end of getting started guide.<br /> <br /> Thanks,<br /> Lewis,<br /> &nbsp;

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