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iOS/ Mac SDK Bluetooth support
Dear community, I'm developing a VoIP application for MacOS/iOS where I would support Plantronics devices. In particular I would like to have all the common behaviors such as Off Hook, On Hook, Mute etc... With the MacOS SDK I'm achieving more or less the major part of the requested features, but I'm wondering what should I expect in Bluetooth mode. In particular I noticed that all the events I usually receive from the SDK via USB are not fired when the devices are connected via Bluetooth. s that normal? Is there something to do to configure the SDK in Bluetooth mode? What about iOS, since there is no SDK for that, what are the basic functionality the Plantronics will have out of the box? Thanks to all in advance, -- Andrea -- 

Hi Andrea,<br /> The Mac OS SDK we provide works only with the USB products and adaptors. If you use with a Bluetooth product you need to use the Plantronics Bluetooth adaptor for that product (e.g. BT300 or BT600 for more recent products). If you pair the device directly without the dongle the SDK will not see it.<br /> There is not currently an iOS SDK. On iOS you can use standard HFP control.<br /> Thanks,<br /> Lewis.<br /> <br /> <br /> &nbsp;

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