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Edge and iPhone unwanted pairing
I hope you guys can help. Ive been using the Voyager Edge for a few years now and the most frustrating thing is it keeps pairing with my iphone even when the Edge is in another room or in my pocket or indeed sitting in its case. Surely it should only pair when it is in my ear? this has occurrd on iPhone 5 and now with my 6s. plse help. Thanks

Hi,<br /> You have come through on the Plantronics software (SDK) developer forum.<br /> Which country are you from?<br /> Would you mind calling Plantronics Support Desk directly?<br /> If you visit this URL: <a href="http://www.plantronics.com/support">www.plantronics.com/support</a><br /> Then scroll to bottom and click where it says &quot;Contact Support &gt;&quot;<br /> It will then show you your local support telephone number to ring.<br /> Thanks!<br /> Lewis.

Thank you for your reply.<br /> i am in Thailand.<br /> i will look for the contact number and call them.<br /> <br /> thank you

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