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Very slow call button response rate
I am testing with the Spokes native interface attempting to integrate. I would like to do three things with the call button, but I can't figure out how.
  1. Detect call button on press
  2. Detect call button on un-press
  3. Immediate button press detection
I am running some problems. First, if I press the call button, I get the onCallButtonPressed callback about 1.5 seconds later. I would expect this to happen much quicker. Second, if I hold the button in for a second or two, I don't get any callbacks. Is there a way to configure the device or library to get the functionality I need? Is there another callback system I should be using? I am using regCbDeviceEvents on the ppDeviceEvents from the active device. I'm not entirely sure how the call handling stuff is intended to work with the call button, maybe I am missing something there? Thanks

Hi, Is your scenario for a softphone? And is it standard incoming/outgoing call functionality you want to handle? The only scenario where you may want to handle low-level "talk" button event (headset call button) is for "off-hook" / dialtone feature. Button events should not take 1.5 seconds to arrive - I would expect instantaneous. Can you share a code excerpt of how you are doing it? It's generally not recommended to process low level button press events directly because particularly with the Plantronics multi-line devices like Savi 7xx you don't know if the button press is for your softphone or not. The recommended approach for call control is illustrated by the sample codes at: https://developer.plantronics.com/article/softphone-integration-code-samples These samples include Native Libary. We also recommend COM or REST APIs (with Plantronics Hub or minimal Hub runtime deployment) over Native Library - the pros and cons of these approaches are listed in the table here: https://developer.plantronics.com/softphone-integration-api-overview#DeploymentOptions We also have a design pattern of putting all the Plantronics API integration into a seperate thread. This is illustrated in C# COM here: https://developer.plantronics.com/article/advanced-sdk-topic-ensuring-resilience-plantronics-com-api The same approach could be implemented in C++ COM. Let us know. Thanks, Lewis.

Yes, softphone. What I'd ultimately like to do is use the call button to enable a push to talk in a multi-line environment such at holding down the call button will talk on the line that is selected in the softphone, and releasing the talk button will stop talking. So I need to know when the button is pressed and un-pressed, and it needs to be near-instant. I tested with a Plantronics Blackwire 5220. I'm using the SpokesNativeSample code that comes with the spokes SDK with some small change to hookup more callbacks.

@lcollins, any ideas?

lcollins, have you had a chance to read my previous reply? I am curious how to solve the problem I am working. Thanks

DeviceEvents is the appropriate interface to use to receive button callback however I would recommend looking at devicelistener. (I include an example link below). A short talk button press should be received instantly! The callbacks do not notify you of button down/button up. I would suggest you use 1 button press to connect (perhaps with on screen connected indicator?) and a second button press to disconnect. There is a concept of the long button press event as well but only on some headset models, which the headset determines and then provides a callback after the long button press has occured. I tested on Savi 7xx the normal (short) button press and saw good performance. Check out this link for a sample code updated to show the talk button event via DeviceListener interface: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13JO08XR9rqirWptzkUpbyE8aCBf7YGYH/view?usp=sharing You will see this debug line very quickly after short press of Savi 7xx headset Talk button: onHeadsetButtonPressed Device Listener event: HEADSET_BUTTON_TALK Let us know if it works for you!

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