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Explorer 55 Bluetooth handset
Hello, I am just out of the way and I don't really know this is the right place to ask.. I got the Explorer Bluetooth Handset today. And I am looking to develop an app with it. which will tell me, if the handset is connected or not, when it connected.. how long it was connected such stuff?   Which API will be more of a use for me? and how I can get started with it? 

Hi ijunaid8989, I assume you are referring to Plantronics (Poly) Bluetooth headsets - can you confirm which exact Bluetooth model are you using ? I could see Explorer 50 series, Explorer 505, Explorer 500 but not 55 which you refer above. For more information of developer resources including Plantronics SDK, APIs, code samples, refer to https://developer.plantronics.com ~cdhruv

Hi, If you take a look at https://www.plantronics.com/us/en/support/downloads-apps/hub-desktop And scroll down. There is a list of Supported Devices for Plantronics Hub which also corresponds to supported devices for the SDKs (APIs). The list does not include Explorer series. It only includes USB connected devices (or wireless but with a USB base or dongle)... Thanks, Lewis.

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