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Plantronics BT 300 is detected as BUA-300 on MacOS 10.15
Hi, After upgrade to MacOS to 10.15 Catalina, we started to appear problem with matching active device name, returned by Spokes SDK (IDevice::getProductName) and what is detected as device name on MacOS. SpokesSDK as earlier on MacOS 10.13 and 10.14, and as on Windows returns 'Plantronics BT300' as device name. When Apple returns 'BUA-300' as device name on system. As result we can't match, that Plantronics device is actually default sound device or custom selected device in our app. Is any other Spokes SDK parameter, where alternative 'BUA-300' name could be get from? Where Apple gets this name from 'BUA-300'? Version of Spokes SDK is latest 3.14.52620.49270

BUA_300 is probably the BT Friendly name and Plantronics BT300 is the USB Product Name. Spokes SDK only report the USB product name.

Any plans to add BT Friendly name support in Spokes SDK? Any ideas to how workaround following problem (when Spokes SDK returns only Product name and MacOS only Friendly and there is no way to match it)?

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