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Is there a Plantronics Status Indicator API available for Windows COM Service
Hello, our Application ProCall is using the Windows Plantronics Hub COM Service to access the buttons and status of the Plantronics headsets. We're using the session manager (the call control interface is not used). This works very well for all Plantronics headsets and hands free devices.  My question now is, how can I implement the Plantronics Status Indicator to show the current presence state of the user? It's not only the Plantronics headset state (e.g. in a call, ringing etc.), but is't also the ProCall user presence state (e.g. busy in a meeting, absence, dnd, ...) we should show. The Status Indicator might be connected while a headset is running or it might be running as a stand alone device. I have tried the Companion App to play around for demo purposes, but it doesn't mirror the headset state to the Status Indicator for some reason. Anyway, we need to control the device by the ProCall application. Do you have some advise how to implement that? Best would be to have a sample code and the related API documentation (using Plantronics Hub if possible). The source code of the Companion App would also do the job. Thanks and best Regards, Rainer

Hello, Thank you for the question. The Plantronics Status Indicator companion app will reflect the call state of the your softphone when you have integrated to the Hub COM Service API. However, there is no API to set the agent's availability, only the call states are reflected to the Status Indicator. You could consider using Embrava's own SDK to change the colours of the Status Indicator directly to fit your requirements. Here is the link: https://embrava.com/pages/embrava-software-sdk Alternatively you could approach Embrava about creating an additional connection to your softphone (in Plantronics Status Indicator companion app > File > Connections). It is possible to have multiple Connections enabled, e.g. Plantronics Hub and Microsoft Teams, for example. This configuration enables Status Indicator to reflect the availability status of Microsoft Teams, plus the call states for other Hub supported/integrated softphones.

Hello, Thank you for the very useful reply! I 'll evaluate their SDK, it sounds to me like the perfect solution. Thanks again!

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