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64 bit native SDK
Hi, I'm trying to use your native SDK in a new softphone application. First the compiler reported massive collisions with structs defined in an SDK by some other provider and second InitSpokesRuntime() cannot be found because it's apparently a 32 bit SDK only (https://developer.plantronics.com/3g-native-api-x64). We're supposed to roll out the product in the next few weeks for Windows and some time later for Linux. The product is 64 bit, native code, 10 years in the making and "glue solutions" don't work here as our customers are professionals that have to do first and second level support. What are the options?

Hi Bernd, We don’t currently have a 64-bit version of our Native Library .dll/.so. A native SDK for Linux is planned but I am not sure about 64-bit support. I will try to find out more. Meanwhile you do have the option of integrating to our Hub REST API, and deploying Hub Desktop or the minimal Hub runtime to the users PC. The REST API would effectively allow your 64-bit application to issue HTTP API requests to the Hub application, to synchronise call state between your app and the headset. We have samples written in a variety of languages to interact with the REST API, including a C++ sample... Thanks, Lewis

Link to the C++ REST API sample: https://developer.plantronics.com/article/hubrestsample-new-c-rest-api-sample-pdc

You are not joking. I see. Once again: "glue solutions" don't work!!! Our customers are cloud service providers who will be overwhelmed with handling first and second level support for Plantronics headsets if we go with your proposal!!! We'll have to wait for your 64 bit solution.

Hi since few years I read about "waiting for engineers decision" to release the 64bit spokes.dll library. Is there any progress?

Same question. More than 1 year passed. Also looking for native ARM framework for MacOS

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