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Alex Ustinov
Plantronics HUB all version certificate error
Hi team, This is Alex from RingCenrtal. We faced with sertificate authority error on chrome using latest version of HUB  

Good Morning Alex, Thank you for reaching out to us. I will do some digging, and confirm the behaviours I am seeing. In the mean time, can you confirm that this is Hub 3.24.2, and is on Windows? Regards, Alasdair

Good Mornign Alex, Hub 3.25 has been released. You can download it through the Poly Hub page (https://www.poly.com/gb/en/support/downloads-apps/hub-desktop) or through your PMP tenants. The matching SDK has been added to this site (https://developer.plantronics.com/softphone-integration-hub-sdks) Regards, Alasdair

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