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How to handle Voyager Focus in .NET SDK?
Hello, I have a question, how can I send commands to the Voyager Focus headset using .NET API? When I get active device, it's always the BT600 dongle. Trying to set (or even read) some of the properties throws exception that operation is not supported. In other thread here, there was information that in multi-device scenario, primary device can be switched using Plantronics Hub software. It doesn't work in this case, the dropdown menu for device selection show "primary" next to BT600 and there's no way to change it. How can I get a device object for the headset itself? Any suggestions? Kind regards, Michał Polak

Hi Michal,<br /> <br /> I have submitted your question internally and will get back to you.<br /> <br /> Thanks for your patience.<br /> <br /> Cheri

Hi Michal,<br /> <br /> If you are using the BT600 which is paired to the Voyager Focus then Plantronics Hub will show this as 1 device, so it will not be a multi-device scenario.<br /> <br /> (Plantronics Hub is connecting through BT600 to Voyager Focus).<br /> <br /> Thanks,<br /> Lewis.

Hello, Actually Plantronics Hub shows 2 devices in the Device dropdown, I can select either BT600 or Voyager Focus. This however doesn't change the device returned by API - it always returns BT600. Anyway, I can perform some very basic operations by calling methods on BT600, but the functionality is very limited. I cannot check battery level through IHostCommandExt and basically nothing from IAdvanceSettings works (for example I cannot check if AudioSensing is on, cannot set AudioState etc.). For all the operations I try I get "The operation attempted is not supported. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80004021)". How can I work this around? In a broader context, what I'm trying to achieve is to force the headphones to stay in A2DP profile until there's a call. I want to do that, because when the headphones switch profile, a clicking noise is audible. This happens every time a sound on PC is played, and it's very annoying when a lot of short sounds are played, for example notifications from Lync/Skype every few seconds. Is it possible to do, or are there some limitations I'm not aware of? Kind regards, Michał

Hi Michał,<br /> <br /> This is in fact working as expected for the BT600 with Voyager Focus UC. The BT600 does it&#39;s handling of Audio Sensing (for RX or TX audio stream) and Audio State automatically internally to the BT600 firmware. Therefore those 2 API operations now report not supported exception. These will need catching in your code and logging. The audio sensing and audio state APIs however are still relevant to the older Plantronics wireless products.<br /> <br /> If there is an audible click when BT600/Voyager Focus UC switches profile that may be a feature of the headset&#39;s audio state management. You could try downloading a copy of Plantronics Hub software from <a href="http://www.plantronics.com/software" target="_blank">http://www.plantronics.com/software</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; then going to Settings &gt; General and setting Headset to PC radio link to Active always. See if that makes a difference.<br /> <br /> Thanks,<br /> Lewis.

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