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Disabling audio channel tone via API
I am testing possibility to replace current Savi W745 models with Savi 8240. We are controlling audio channel open/close in our code and we are also playing ring tones and other audio alerts from our code. Savi 8240 plays  a tone when the channel is opened. This can be disabled with the Plantronics Hub UI  (Settings ->  General ->  Audio Chnanel Tone) but we are not using it as we are using the Minimal Hub Runtime & COM Service .NET interop.  Is there a way to change this setting via the API or is there some other workaround?

Any comments on this anyone? Question is still valid

Hi, Check out section 5.5 and 5.7 of https://developer.plantronics.com/sites/default/files/Plantronics%20SDK%20v%203%206%20API%20Specification.pdf#page69 IAdvanceSettings And IDeviceSettings The functions that deal with dialtone

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