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dsp 400
Hello, I'm trying to use my Plantronics DSP 400 on WINDOWS 10 but it does not work. Headphones works correctly but microphone  does not. I've Installed "Plantronics" HUB but It Seems it does not Recognize the device. I am very fond of the device That has always worked very well. Do you have any suggestions? Many thanks, Francesco.

Hi,<br /> This is actually a support forum for our SDK.<br /> However, if you visit <a href="http://www.plantronics.com/uk/product/plantronics-hub-desktop">http://www.plantronics.com/uk/product/plantronics-hub-desktop</a><br /> and click on Supported Devices &gt; to the right<br /> You will see which ones support Plantronics Hub<br /> Unfortunately DSP 400 is not one of them, therefore it may only work as an audio device only (no call control features, etc).<br /> Thanks

Oh...&nbsp;It is a pity... :(<br /> <br /> OK! Thank You!<br />

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