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HeadsetButton_Talk event when docking
Hi, I noticed, that in c#, when integrating to Interop.Plantronics, there's extra talk-button event being generated on this situation: 1. Undock the headset 2. Press talk button 3. Dock the headset  Expected outcome: No HeadsetButton_Talk event is generated Actual outcome: HeadsetButton_Talk is generated. This is pretty bad, since were manually answering to 3rd party sip sdk call, so our end user might not even notice that the call was established, when it's ringing and user docs the headset... This happens with Savi w740

Hi, <p>Thanks for reporting the above&nbsp; observation (<em>HeadsetButton_Talk event when docking</em>)<br /> We&#39;ll test the&nbsp; above scenario &amp; take a look.<br /> <br /> ~cdhruv<br /> &nbsp;</p>

Any updates? I had this issue a LONG time ago (maybe 2015) and still run into issues like it. Edit: link to the original problem https://developer.plantronics.com/how-can-i-disable-internal-call-control

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