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IDeviceListenerCallback onHeadsetStateChanged event not firing spokes.dll version 3.17
Hi, I have followed the sample code from here:- https://github.com/plantronics/pdc/blob/master/C%2B%2B%20Native%20Sample/PLTCPlusPlusNativeSample/PLTCPlusPlusNativeSample/PLTCPlusPlusNativeSample.cpp I am using a DA90 on windows 8.1. I get the onHeadsetButtonPressed event and the onHeadsetStateChanged event for the mute and volume up and down buttons. I am not getting the onHeadsetStateChanged event for on QD disconnected nor QD connected.   NB, When I was using spokes.dll version 3.11 I got the onHeadsetStateChanged event when using the QD, but the headset status was unknown.

Hi, I have found the solution. You need to make sure you are including: PlantronicsDevices.xml as well as Spokes.dll, otherwise Spokes.dll doesn't know what type of device you are using. Refer to: https://developer.plantronics.com/article/plantronics-sdk-3x-deployment-options If you for example locate the HubSDKNativeRuntime.msi on your development PC under C:\Program Files (x86)\Plantronics\Spokes3G SDK. If you now take a clean PC and deploy your compiled binary, as well as HubSDKNativeRuntime.msi, your compiled binary will automatically find the Spokes.dll and pre-requisites including PlantronicsDevices.xml in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Plantronics\Spokes3G SDK folder, so you don't need to manually include these files. Thanks, Lewis.

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