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macOS Catalina: 'keystroke receiving' permission request
Hello. After updating to newer macOS version (macOS Ctatalina) the system shows that my app tries to get permission for Input Monitoring (System Preferences / Security & Privacy / Privacy / Input Monitoring). It's because app includes Spokes3GSDK.framework. The same situation with Spokes3GSample app. Best Regards! Igor.P.

Hi Igor, Thanks for pointing this out. We are aware of this and it is caused by the new more strict security policies of MacOS Catalina. We are investigating a fix for the next major release of the Hub software and SDK. In the meantime the advice is to accept the Input Monitoring permission dialog when it comes up. It is caused by the Hub software and SDK performing USB HID reading of the attached headset. We will be providing a howto guide on that soon. Thanks, Lewis.

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