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Nagesh DR
macOS SDK to support arm64 architecture
Hi Team, One of our macOS applications is using the Spokes3GSDK framework to interact with the Plantronics devices. We are planning to upgrade our application to support both x86_64 and arm64 architectures for the latest Apple Silicon M1-based Macs. But the latest macOS Spokes3GSDK.framework version 3.25.0 only supports x86_64 architecture. Could you please let us know when will the Spokes3GSDK framework be updated to support arm64 architecture?

Hi Support team, Could you kindly provide us expected timeline for arm64 support in Spoke3GSDK framework? The impact for our end users after our MacOS App release is, they will be unable to use the Plantronics headset call controls (it will be a breakage for end users). Thanks & Regards

Current and future alternatives to the Hub SDK for Mac Native Library Spokes.so runtime component (that currently only supports the Intel CPU architecture): 1. Current options: Switch the integration to Hub SDK for Mac with REST API Relevant sample code: C++ REST sample: https://developer.plantronics.com/article/hubrestsample-new-c-rest-api-sample-pdc For REST API having the REST API calls on worker thread allows retries/reconnects of the API connection for example when there is no headset attached or Hub is not running. Pre-requisite for REST API: Plantronics Hub for Mac: https://www.poly.com/software, or Hub SDK framework for Mac: https://developer.plantronics.com/softphone-integration-hub-sdks 2. Future options: Note: The Plantronics Hub SDK provided by Plantronics Hub software will be a supported option for call control integrations until March 2025. By that time, it is anticipated that a new SDK will be provided by the Poly Lens Desktop software and include migration guide for moving from Hub SDK.

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