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Multiple softphones simultaneously
Hello, we currently use two softphones, primarily "estos ProCall" and "Microsoft Teams". As the builtin headset integration in ProCall is unreliable, we decided to disable it and whip up our own integration by utilizing the Plantronics COM API (.NET C#). We use the Plantronics Savi 8220 headset and basically want to enable our users to accept and end calls via the headset button (i guess it is called "smart button").   Both integrations (ProCall and Teams) work just fine as long as the two softphones are used consecutively, but behave wrong (?) in the following scenario:  
  1. Enter a Microsoft Teams Meeting
  2. Receive a call in estos ProCall (Integration action: Announce incoming call to API with a unique call id)
  3. Accept the call via headset button (Integration action: Answer call to API with the unique call id)
  4. End the call via headset button (Integration action: Terminate call to API with the unique call id)
  5. Now the RF link to the headset is lost but Teams is still active
  As you can see, we'd like to use two or more softphones in parallel. By looking at the API it seems that such a scenario shouldn't cause trouble, as each softphone registers a session in which it registers calls and their states and therefore can be handled by the SDK. I envision the SDK to put all other active calls on hold when a new incoming call is accepted or at least ensure that the RF link is not dropped as long there are active calls (on hold). I tried realizing that behaviour in our integration by manually checking for all active calls via the CallManager when a call in our App is terminated and attempting to reestablish the RF link if there are any calls other than the one that is terminated, but there weren't any. I suppose the CallManager to restrict my view to only our calls specific to the session. Either that or Microsoft Teams does not create a call. I would highly appreciate advise on how to make our integration suitable for multi softphone purposes. Thanks!   Edit: To eliminate any misconception, i've already developed the integration with success (the documentation and samples made that quite easy), but i don't know how to utilize the SDK the right manner to support scenarios like the one described above.  

Hi Tim, Sorry for delay on reply. The Hub SDK does support multi softphone scenario as you describe. However, how the device handles the 2nd incoming call scenario (either on same or other softphone) will vary with device, depending whether it supports call switch. The Savi 8220 supports call switch button which I think is the functionality you need. By default if you just use the headset Talk button, the first press will terminate the Teams conference, 2nd press will answer incoming call in your other softphone. But if you use Call Switch button, that will place Teams call on Hold and answer incoming call in your other softphone. You can then switch back and forth calls with switch button, or terminate the active call with Talk button. Thanks, Lewis.

Hi Lewis, thank you for your reply! The Savi 8220 has two buttons, the call button and the mute button, but no dedicated call switch button. So i guess this function is invoked by pressing and holding the call button for 2 seconds, if i read the manual right? I will definetely try that, thanks!

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